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Our Fallen Heroes Rolling Memorial


Mercier Transport LLC. was created to haul commodities such as Corn and Soybeans for hire. This company was created by the owners of Ralph and Dylan Mercier. Over the course of making this a company, we had decided to wrap the truck. Mercier Transport is now the proud owner of the "Our Fallen Heroes" Rolling Memorial, remembering those who have died in the line of duty.

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Dylan Mercier
Part Owner / Driver

Dylan Mercier has lived in a farming community his whole life. When he was younger, he would love to ride in tractors and semis. When he was old enough, he had the opportunity to drive semis around their farm.

Dylan started helping another local farm who owns a trucking business. They opened Dylan into the trucking world. 

Dylan works full-time at his fathers (Ralph Mercier) business, Mercier Valley Irrigation. Dylan has also been a member of the St. Anne Fire Protection District sense 2015 and is now a Interior Firefighter and Engineer. 

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Ralph Mercier
Part Owner

Ralph Mercier grew up on a family farm and worked there growing up. His dad (Lebert Mercier) owned the farm and was a Valley Irrigation dealer. Ralph took over the Irrigation business in 2009 (Mercier Valley Irrigation). When Ralph was younger, he also drove a truck hauling silage for Fair Oaks Farms. 

Ralph started in the fire service at the Papineau Fire Department in 1983 to 2010 where he served as a lieutenant. In 1984 he started working for Riverside EMS as a Paramedic until 2001. When his son (Dylan Mercier) joined the St. Anne Fire Department in 2015, Ralph joined as a trustee and engineer in 2016. 

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